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Elon Musk Puts Limits on Twitter Use: Controlling the Social Media Sphere

Elon Musk made new restrictions on the number of tweets users can read every day known hours after reports of access issues on his site started to flood in. There will be a daily posting limit of 6,000 for verified accounts and 600 for unverified users. According to NBC News, there will be a daily cap of 300 postings for new, unverified users. On Saturday afternoon, Musk referred to the restrictions as temporary in a tweet. According to the Washington Post, the action is intended to thwart computer programmes that comb through messages to glean relevant data; Musk cited “extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation.” A “Rate limit exceeded” warning had already been sent to users experiencing issues earlier in the day.

when they attempted to send or even browse tweets, according to CNBC. According to reports from, the issues were worse in the morning hours. Since Elon Musk took over, the platform has experienced these issues multiple times, including outages in February and March. According to MarketWatch, there is no indication of what the current one’s cause is or when it might finish. Twitter was contacted but has not responded as of yet.


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