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Mark Zuckerberg Spends $43 Million on One Service for the Super-Rich.

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Zuckerberg, a tech tycoon and aspiring Jiu-Jitsu champion, has spent an estimated $43 million on private security programs since 2020, the New York Post reported. In a February filing, Meta said that Zuckerberg could use the money – which was increased to $14 million in 2023 – for “additional staff, equipment, services and residential improvement,” adding that the expense was necessary because of his importance to the company. Despite the annual multi-million dollar security programs – Meta had set aside a $27 million security program for Zuckerberg’s family in 2021 – the Facebook founder has donated privately to groups advocating for police reform. According to Get Free Report, the cost of Zuckerberg’s private security is in stark contrast to the fact that he has asked for a $1 annual salary and has not received any bonus payments, stock options or any other incentive compensation.According to an investigation by Lee Fang, Zuckerberg’s family foundation (the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative) has made $3 million in donations to PolicyLink (the non-profit that founded since 2020.Over the same period, Zuckerberg’s charity gave an additional $2,5 million to another anti-policing group, Solidaire. Solitaire’s movement, known as the “Defund Police Movement,” was launched in response to the 2020 Minneapolis police officer’s killing of George Floyd.In the United States, police spending exceeds that of public housing by $107 billion. Solidaire believes that the money that police forces spend should be put to better use. “The money isn’t the issue, it’s the way we spend it,” said Solidaire. “We want to create a future for black people and all those affected by police violence, where they can go about their daily lives without fear, harassment, or injury.

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“We want to divest from institutions that kill, hurt, imprison and police our communities,” he said. “We want to use that money to invest in better housing, better healthcare, better income support, better employment and better violence prevention.”

In 2013, the city of Camden abolished its police department and created a new, reform-minded police force under county control, Politico reported. Over the next decade, the city’s homicide rate dropped and so did its excessive use-of-force


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