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Watch: Chandrayaan-3 shares first-ever images after entering Moon’s orbit

India’s first-ever pictures of the Moon have been released by India’s space agency, and they’re absolutely breathtaking! As the spacecraft of India’s top-priority mission Chandrayaan 3 entered the Moon’s orbit on Saturday morning, it spotted the Moon during a maneuver, which was captured in a video clip shared by ISRO on Sunday on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter).With less than two weeks to go before the soft land on the moon’s surface, the video showed intricate details of the craters of Moon as the craft approached it.India’s third unmanned mission to the Moon, Chandrayaan3, made a successful entry into lunar orbit on Saturday. The mission, launched on July 14, has covered two-thirds of its total distance so far, and has made more than five moves in an effort to lift it against Earth’s gravity.”I’m feeling lunar gravity,” Chandrayaan3’s message to ISRO read after reaching the major milestone that brought the craft closer to the Moon, as seen from ISRO’s X.

The mission entered lunar orbit on Saturday, making it more than three weeks since its launch. It will make another maneuver at 11 pm on Saturday.There are three operations left before the mission’s soft landing, with Vikram, the landing module, and Pragyan, the rover, breaking away from the propulsion module. De-orbiting maneuvers will follow before the soft landing.

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